AIDS Community Residence Association

Durham NC

Welcome to the AIDS Community Residence Association


Founded in 1987, the AIDS Community Residence Association (ACRA) is a 501 (c) (3) organization that serves individuals and families living with HIV/AIDS by providing diverse, supportive housing options. ACRA is a housing specific AIDS service agency. Some years ago the Piedmont HIV Consortium identified housing as the greatest and least met need of individuals and families living with HIV/AIDS. This is still true today. Without decent, safe housing it is impossible to be successful with any treatment plan. We know that housing is healthcare.

This is ACRA's 30th year providing housing and support services to the HIV+ community!

ACRA’s achievements in housing:

• 1989 First Group Home with 24 hour care for HIV+ in North Carolina
• 1993 First HUD Subsidized in the United States with a preference for HIV+
• 2000 First Scattered Housing in North Carolina owed by the sponsoring nonprofit

Our Mission

To provide diverse housing options, compassionate care and access to collaborative support services for persons living with disabilities and HIV/AIDS; allowing them to thrive in the community.

ACRA Board

Our Board is made up of volunteers from the community who subscribe to the philosophy that housing is healthcare, housing is prevention, and housing is a basic human right.