Affordable Community Residence Association

Durham NC

We are asking that persons who have not been vaccinated wear a mask when entering the office or engaging with our clients. Continue to follow the CDC's guidelines for social distancing in public.

Your understanding and compassionate care of others is what makes us great.

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Affordable Housing

Affordable and stable housing is one key to good health, but for many with HIV and disabilities, it’s out of reach.

We’re doing something about it. And you can help.

ACRA, the Affordable (formerly AIDS) Community Residence Association, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in Durham, NC in 1987. Our mission is to provide diverse housing options, compassionate care, and access to collaborative support services for persons living with disabilities and HIV/AIDS so they can thrive in the community.

Why We Do What We Do

1 in 93 North Carolinians will be diagnosed with HIV in their life time. This is the 11th highest risk in the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

CDC, 2015

More than 50% of adults report homelessness or housing instability after their HIV diagnosis.

Aidala et al., Housing Need, Housing Assistance, and
Connection to Medical Care. AIDS & Behavior. 2007 11(6)/S2:S101-115.

Individuals without stable housing tend to have worse treatment outcomes and poorer access to highly-active antiretroviral therapy (HAART).

Milloy et al., Housing Status and the Health of People Living with HIV/AIDS.
Curr HIV/AIDS Rep. 2012 December; 9(4):364-374.

Stable housing is essential for HIV prevention and treatment.

Our History

Nat BlevinsOne of our founders, Nat Blevins ACRA was started in 1987 by 6 individuals who wanted to provide housing for individuals who were living their final weeks and days with AIDS. Over the years, we have served hundreds of clients from all over the state of North Carolina and the Southeast. We are thankful for the Durham community’s support.

Where We’re Going

Since our founding, a lot has changed – in the Durham community and with HIV and AIDS. With access to HAART and high-quality health care, individuals with HIV are living longer than ever. This means that our clients have different needs: they need long-term housing and access to services that enable them to make the most of life – like counseling on healthy living, transportation services, and access to vision and dental care.

Recognizing how dramatically the world has changed, in 2017 we developed a new strategic plan. To broaden our reach, we now accept housing applications for individuals with disabilities other than HIV. In addition to providing affordable housing, in 2018 we will be launching a new program of support services for our residents to address their most urgent unmet needs. But we won’t be able to do this without you.

How You Can Help
  • Volunteer your time with us.
  • Advocate for affordable housing in Durham.
  • Donate to our food bank.
  • Donate your money.
    • Support our small staff.
    • Keep our facilities working.
    • Provide much-needed services to our clients.

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