Affordable Community Residence Association

Durham NC

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I qualify for ACRA’s services?

Must be HIV+ and qualify under HUD income limits.

Must be HIV+ and meet current HUD income limits.

2. Will I qualify for ACRA’s services if I have no income?


3. How do I apply for any program?

Please download and complete the application for the location requested. You can return your completed applications to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or mail. All locations require an HIV verification form sent along with the application.

Blevins Too [ application ] pdf
Fitts-Powell [ application ] pdf
Send applications and HIV verification to:
1017 Cook Road #15
Durham, NC 27713

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4. What is “Scattered Site Housing?”

Today, many people with HIV/AIDS are living longer, and often healthier, lives. That has repercussions on many forms of service delivery, including housing. The expansion of housing specifically for the use of people with HIV/AIDS has been slow, although the demand has more than tripled in the past few years. Additionally, the demand has shifted towards a greater need for housing for families with children.

This increased demand has prompted the Affordable Community Residence Association to bring a new model of housing for HIV-positive individuals and families to the Triangle and North Carolina. “Scattered site” housing falls closer to the independent end of the housing continuum for people with HIV/AIDS, providing affordable housing and access to support services that allow residents to live as independently as they are capable within a mainstream setting.

Scattered site housing also:

  • Is integrated throughout a community. It matches the context of the community and is non-stigmatizing
  • Uses conventional housing development and financial strategies
  • Gives residents a sense of place, control over where they live and with whom, and the security of tenancy
  • Requires no staff on site

Because ACRA is a housing-specific AIDS service organization, we view scattered site housing -- specifically, Buchanan Place -- as the next logical step in carrying out our core mission of providing diverse housing options for people living with HIV/AIDS.

Small projects such as Buchanan Place tend to integrate more easily into neighborhoods, and tend to make better homes where meaningful social ties are more likely to develop among residents. The neighborhoods themselves benefit from having fully-rented (not vacant), well-maintained apartment complexes.

5. How many staff members does ACRA have?

ACRA has a staff of 1 full time and 1 part time employee.